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Nothing wrecks your day like finding your car vandalized with a can of spray paint. A car is very often a prized possession and it’s a rare car owner who doesn’t take pains to maintain the car’s shiny finish.

Paint Remover Spray India

Success in removing the sprayed-on paint will depend on the car’s type of finish, the kind of paint that was sprayed and where it was sprayed. How long it’s been left to dry will also determine how much effort you need to remove the spray paint. If the paint is still in the process of drying, washing the affected area with a car wash solution or mild detergent mix may solve your problem pretty quickly. But if the paint has already dried, then a little more effort is required. The type of substance that you can use will depend on the sensitivity of your car’s finish. More modern cars normally use urethane paint, which makes it a tough coating. With these paints, various household chemicals like WD-40, nail polish remover, acetone, rubbing compound, gasoline or spray-on brake parts cleaner can be used.

Sensitive paints with vandalized finishes can benefit from clay blocks such as those sold by Meguiars. But this specialty product needs a sensitive hand and knowledge of its use, otherwise you may add to the damage by removing more than the basic spray paint. Other professionals also use the fine rubbing compound that is used as one of the last steps in buffing a newly-painted car. As with the clay products mentioned, care must be taken when using rubbing compounds. Do note that car finishes have clear coats sprayed over the actual paint so you need to be a bit heavy-handed to actually start removing your car’s finish.

When removing sprayed-on paint, use a small amount of whatever substance you are using on an unobtrusive test area and apply with a circular rubbing motion. Use a clean rag, preferably white, so that you can see it the sprayed-on paint is being removed. If you see the color of your car on the rag, then the substance you are using is too strong for the finish and you will have to use a milder chemical.

Sometimes, the multi-purpose spray paint will be thicker in some places of the vandalized area. Use a plastic scraper to gently remove most of the paint first, then use the chemical of your choice. Paint on glass or chrome surfaces is best removed by acetone, which leaves no residue. Plastic, rubber spray paint or rubber mouldings will be destroyed by acetone and it would be better to use a strong detergent and a stiff-bristled plastic brush. When you have removed the offending paint, wash and wax your car. To make sure, take your car to a body shop to see if the affected area needs a layer of clear coat.

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